I love to do stuff with my hands and I've always been a big fan of men's jewelry and I’ve worn different pieces for years and they have been something that I have really liked but there's always been something missing in them. So, a few years ago I decided to start making my own jewelry, so that everything I have on me represents me the right way and is exactly something that I really love. LHBraceletsAndChains was created from a need to do something else than others and also to do it differently than anyone else.


LHBraceletsAndChains has been seen for example in the mainstream site of men's fashion; Pitti Uomo in Florence, Italy. The brand has been found by dozens of bloggers around the world and they have completed their look with LHBraceletsAndChains expressing their ability to sense the subtle flow of fashion and to lead the way.


These pieces are a combination of sophistication and bohemian life attitude. When you're wearing LHBraceletsAndChains, you have something special on you. These bracelets work as a single piece of an outfit, pairing a quality watch or as a stack of several bracelets that creates a fine contrast to classic masculinity.

Adry and Luca
Luca and Andry